Device with two automatic loaders for

"Artisan Breadsticks"

The automatic device for dosing and loading breadsticks on Flow Pack mod. SCDGF20 allows you to manage the automatic feeding of Flow packs, guaranteeing precision in the weight of the final package and constant automatic loading over time.

The device is designed to integrate with different types of Flow pack packaging machines, independently managing the start and stop consents of the combined packaging machines.

The device can be configured from one to four loading points ensuring a packaging speed from 10 to 50 packs per minute. The connection interface with the Flow pack will be programmed according to the model of packaging machine made available.

The device is supplied with a Touch-screen operator panel in which the employee can save different recipes based on the type of product to be packaged and recalled each time a different product is processed.

The device will be customized in relation to the size of the product to be packaged.

Technical features:

product to be packaged: breadsticks of various shapes and sizes

operating speed: from 10 to 50 packs per minute

Installed power: from 1 to 4kw 380V three-phase

Compressed air consumption from 100 to 400 L / min. at 6 Bar

Dimensions: L mm. 2500 P. 2200 H. 2500 mm

Weight kg. 600


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