Multipack Packing Machine for "Multiple Packs"




The fully automatic line as regards dosing and packaging, has been designed for operation with a single operator assigned to load the products to be packaged.

This line will allow better use of human resources within the plant, and continuous control of the exact weight of the packages produced, thus eliminating the problem of overdosing due to manual loading without continuous weight control.

The prerogative of the proposed system is to drastically reduce product breakages during the normal dosing and packaging phases.









The operator (a single operator to operate the line) loads the products on the loading belt that will take the product to the electronic dosers of the machine up to the previously set weight, then the multi-head system will distribute the product to be packaged. small, which will then be grouped in a larger package, the so-called "Family Pack" , this therefore allows you to replace the cardboard boxes, saving on the cost of packaging .

Along the entire line, the product is handled without ever undergoing manipulations that could alter its integrity in order to obtain packages without broken or dented products inside.


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