Presse with 6 molds to produce rice cakes and cereals

dimensions : mm 1400 (L) 1100 (P) 2000 (H) digital regulation of the thickness of the rice cakes
total weight : kg 2500 digital setting cooking time
electric absorption at full capacity : kw 12 digital cooking temperature adjustment
power : 380 volt trifase+n+t digital regulation of the machine cycle
pneumatic power : 20 n/l a 6 bar igital adjustment of independent molds
cereal tank capacity : litri 3 electronic control of the cereals level

The GAL series six-mold gallon press is a machine for making rice, corn, spelled, wheat, cereal and kamut cakes.

The press is an extremely versatile machine that allows you to preset the cooking time, the thickness of the cake, and through the system of interchangeable molds, you can choose the shape.

The mechanical movements of the press are managed by a PLC controlled by a touch-screen operator panel installed in the board-machine electrical panel, the temperature of each individual mold is controlled by programmable thermoregulators.

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