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New Press to produce rice cakes and chips quickly and easily.
Very compact machine, thanks to its small size, they can also be installed in small laboratories.
Italian reliability and guarantee, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at our factory in Padua.
Easy to use, after loading the raw material tank, at the only start command it produces rice cakes or good and fragrant chips, using only heat and pressure, genuine and light products are baked.
Versatile and creative, maximum freedom for your creativity by choosing the shape of biscuits that best suits your needs.

Dimensions: L 42 P 72 H 81 cm Steel inox Aisi 304 structure
Total weight: kg. 150 Molds made of tempered steel coated with titanium nitride
Installed power 2Kw 220V single phase All parts in contact with the raw material are suitable for food use
Power supply 220volt three-phase + N + T Touch-screen operator panel for recipe programming and machine functionality
Air consumption 350 N/L Estimated production 360 rice cakes per hour or 1000 chips / hour


What are the pros of an exclusively PNEUMATIC PRESS?

Quietness and less maintenance are the strengths of this new pneumatic press, which unlike the common hydraulic presses on the market, using only compressed air, significantly lowers the noise emitted during use and due to the total absence of oil, drastically reduces the time spent cleaning the machine itself even after intense use. Thanks to a natural process, only basic ingredients such as cereals, micro pellets, mix of cereals and legumes, and water are used, with the only addition of heat and pressure, genuine rice cakes or chips are baked. Wide choice of size and shape to be made, round, triangular, rectangular etc ...

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