Packaging machinery for "Artisan breadsticks"

maximum package size : 450 x 250 mm ower circuit : 380 V c.a. trifase+neutro+terra general pressure : 6 bar
maximum production : 15 packs/min. control circuit : 24 V c.a. air consumption per cycle (ntl-bar): 4 nl x cycle
  electrical power absorbed : 2 kw  

The fully automatic line for dosing and packaging, has been designed for operation with a single operator responsible for loading the products to be packaged "Artisan breadsticks".

This line will allow a better use of human resources within the plant, and a continuous control of the exact weight of the packages produced, thus eliminating the problem of overdoses due to manual loading without a continuous weight control.

The prerogative of the proposed system is to drastically reduce the breakage of the product during the normal dosing and packaging phases.


Function :

The operator (a single operator to make the line work) loads the breadsticks, directly from the oven pans, onto the 17.00mm long smooth loading conveyor; an automatic device will place the breadsticks neatly on the porter belt which will bring product to the electronic dosers of the machine up to the previously set weight.

Once the weight has been reached, a drawer translator will bring the dose of breadsticks in front of the packaging tube while the loading belt will bring other breadsticks to the dispenser which will prepare the dose for the following bag in order to have a continuous cycle.

A pusher will place the breadsticks in the packaging previously welded on the bottom and at this point the packaging machine will close the package and apply, on choice, the Twist lanyard to have a bag with a tuft or a bag with a square bottom.

Once the tuft is affixed, the exit ribbon will carry the finished bags onto a rotating table of canned ready for canning.

Along the entire line the breadstick is moved without ever being manipulated that could alter its integrity in order to obtain packages without broken breadsticks inside.


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