Packaging machine T160V


dimensions : mm 1950 (L) 1400 (P) 1300 (H) power circuit : 380 V c.a. trifase+neutro+terra eneral pressure : 6 bar
total weight : kg 700 control circuit : 24 V c.a. air consumption per cycle (ntl-bar): 4 nl x cycle
maximum package size : mm 250 x 450 electrical power absorbed : 2 kw
maximum production : 120 packs/min. voltage : 380 v 50 hz (220 v if requested )
development of the film : maximum width mm 600
measurements of the forming tube : 0 = 30-160 mm

Our electro-pneumatic packaging machine fills, forms and closes bags with 4 welds STABILO PACK. This machine works with any type of heat - seal plastic film, such as polypropylenes, cellophane, simple coupled, complex coupled with aluminum, polythene and paper.

The machine control unit is microprocessor with an internal memory that controls the cycles of the machine. machine. The structure of the machine is in iron, oven-painted with epoxy paints and all the parts in contact with the product are in AISI 304 stainless steel. The machine is supplied with the forming tube for the formation of the envelope for a film measurement. The temperature control of the sealing bars takes place by means of thermoregulators to control even the smallest variations. The cutting blade is controlled by an independent pneumatic drive, which allows a safe and perfect cut of the bag.

The film is driven by self-centering belts while the straps are driven by an electronically adjustable speed gearmotor. The film, on the back of the machine, takes place with an electronically variable speed gearmotor. The length of the bag and the end of the film is signaled by sensors. The sealing bars are pneumatic and move on ball recirculation sleeves. The machine is ready for connections with automatic dosing machines and screw metering systems. Control panels and pneumatic groups are easily accessible.

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